Name Surname Nationality Affiliation Supporting organisation(s) Field o expertise
Andrea Necchi Italian Istituto Tumori Milano Palinuro Bladder Cancer
Athanasios Dimopoulos Greek Dean of Athens University, EKPA 12 organisations Hematological cancers, clinical oncology
Azra Ikalovic Bosnian ”ISKRA” Association of Women with Breast Cancer ”ISKRA” Association of Women with Breast Cancer Breast cancer
Daniela Hristova Simova Bulgarian Bulgarian Association for Patients Defence Bulgarian Association for Patients Defence Oncology
Dimitra Mavrommati Greek Vice President Argolidas "Solidarity" Microbiologist
Fostira Florentia Greek VHLFA ALLIANCE GREECE VHLFA ALLIANCE GREECE Genetician in National Institute of Genetics / Breast cancer and rare cancers
Francesco Perrone Italian National Cancer Institute of Naples “G. Pascale” AILAR; FONDO EDO TEMPIA Medical Oncology - Epidemiology; Clinical trials
Franco Roviello Italian GIRCG Gruppo Italiano Ricerca Cancro Gastrico Vivere Senza Stomaco (si puo')
Louis J. Denis Belgian Oncology Centre Antwerp Oncology Centre Antwerp Onco-urology / Cancer organisations
Mark Lawler Irish Queen's University Belfast, Nothern Ireland (UK) AIMAC Genomics, pathology
Neil K. Aaronson Dutch Department of Psychosocial Research, The Netherlands  FAVO Psychology – Psycho-Oncology
Nicoleta Mitrea Romanian Transylvania University Brasov and Hospice Casa Sperantei HOSPICE Casa Sperantei Palliative care
Pinar Saip Turkish Former President and actual Member of the Turkish Medical Oncology Association  Pembe Hanim  Medical Oncology - Voluntary member of our organization
Sergio Canzanella Italian Associazione House Hospital onlus WITHDRAWN Direttore Generale
Stefano Vella Italian Istituto Superiore di Sanita' Andrea Tudisco Committee Pharmacology - Clinical Studies
Umberto Tirelli Italian Istituto Nazionale Tumori - Centro di Riferimento Oncologico FINCO PP ONLUS; AISTOM Medical oncology