ECPC Legal Network for Cancer Patients (LNCP) project brings together a solid base of legal practitioners that aim to share their legal competences to the benefit of cancer patients on a volunteer basis. With this initiative, ECPC has made available a platform where lawyers across Europe can exchange information and provide legal advice.

What can the LNCP do?

1. Monitoring Compliance with the EU Legislation by the Member States

"Public Health" is regulated by art. 168 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union. "Public Health" is a competence shared between the Member States and the EU. EU legislation needs to be transposed into Member States' national law by the deadline set out in the legislation. Often, national authorities experience considerable transposition difficulties and the law is not adequately implemented.

2. Sharing Legal Best Practices

The Platform allows practitioners to exchange best practices from action settlement to lawsuit litigation and communication around the cases taken to court.

3. A Legal Professional Background for ECPC Positions

As an umbrella organization, ECPC is often requested to express official positions on different papers/issues. ECPC positions can be much stronger if they legally documented. Therefore, the LNCP lawyers support ECPC's advocacy work with legal arguments to reinforce some of its messages, when necessary. In this sense, the LNCP acts as a law Think Tank generating ideas for ECPC. For this purpose, the LNCP organizes in ad-hoc working groups for the study of different legal matters.


ECPC is delighted to have such an outstanding group of lawyers on board. We strongly believe that together, we can better represent cancer patients' needs and speak up for their rights.


  ECPC's Legal Network for Cancer Patients (LNCP) Team

Roberto de Miro

Italian Federation of Volunteer-based Cancer Organizations – FAVO

Roberto was born in Rome, Italy on 8th February 1964. After graduating from high school in humanities, between 1989-1994, Roberto visited Santiago de Compostela and completed a 100 miles walk, graduated magna cum laude in Law, specialized in Roman and Comparative Law, followed by the admission to the Bar and in 2006 at the High Courts. Roberto also been appointed teacher of Law and Economics in State High School. He is married and a proud father of a 10 years old daughter.

As a Lawyer, but also as a long-term experienced carer to a family member who is a cancer patient, Roberto had the opportunity to concentrate on the psychosocial needs of cancer and other disability patients, to revenue existing laws on the matter (especially labor/bank and insurance law) and even to participate to the drafting of law reforms and Charts.

His commitment in advocacy for cancer patients is to demonstrate that the best interest of the patients and their carers reside in cooperation among the stakeholders: industry/public welfare/families/ health professionals/banks and insurers/employers. Law reforms are needed and critical to the issue, but Roberto also deems necessary to avoid any old-fashioned attitude of not necessary opposition – but for the cases in which a violated right needs to be reaffirmed.


Konstantinos Apostolopoulos

Group of Volunteers Against Cancer - AgaliaZO, Municipality of Achaia – AGALIAZO


Konstantinos Apostolopoulos is involved as an advocate for the Rights of Cancer Patients and for the relevant legal framework and policies. He is an active volunteer and member of the Scientific Committee at the "AGALIAZO" - Society of Volunteers' against Cancer.

He is an Attorney at Law in Patras' Bar Association - Greece and in Limassol Bar Association – Cyprus. He holds a BA Degree in Law, a BA Degree in Education and postgraduate studies - LLM in Criminology. He speaks Greek, English, Italian and German.

He has served as a legal advisor to the Greek Minister of National Defense, for the General Secretary of the Decentralized Government Administration and for Patras' vice Mayor of Social Policy.

Other areas of experience: EU funded projects, project management, research, workshops, trainings, partnerships, public affairs/communications in public and private sector.

Maurizio Campagna


Italian Federation of Volunteer-based Cancer Organizations – FAVO

Maurizio Campagna is a specialist in healthcare and pharmaceutical areas. After graduating cum laude from Law School at the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan, he achieved a PhD in Public Law at the same University. He was a research fellow in Administrative Law at the Third University of Rome. He taught Public Law, Health Law and Policy, Social Service Law in public and private universities. Admitted to the Bar at the Court of Appeal in Rome, he gained professional experience in the field of healthcare facilities accreditation and payment system of outpatient clinical laboratory services.

He worked on medical liability, indirect healthcare, cross-border healthcare, and pharmaceutical distribution. He provides consulting services in the field of Health Law, Pharmaceutical Law and Healthcare organization for public and private organizations, professional and trade associations since 2007. He holds training courses for doctors, pharmacists and other health professionals in the field of professional liability. He organizes training courses for the staff of public and private health facilities. He is the author of several publications and articles on Health Law, Social Rights, Economic Regulation, Healthcare Organization.

His contributions have been published on the main network of the Italian health sector. He collaborates in the drafting of the Report on the welfare status of the cancer patient treated by F.A.V.O since 2014. He is Public Health Policy Specialist of ECPC (European Cancer Patient Coalition).

Elisabetta Iannelli


Italian Association of Cancer Patients, their families and friends – AIMaC
Italian Federation of Volunteer-based Cancer Organizations – FAVO
American Cancer Society ACS Global Cancer Ambassador for Italy

Elisabetta Iannelli is a labour and welfare attorney as a background, at the age of 24, while being a law student and a bride-to-be, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Since then, she has been concentrated in counselling people with disabilities or otherwise discriminated.

As vice President of AIMaC, Elisabetta's commitment has been focused on filling the knowledge gap between cancer patients and their rights. AIMaC produces tailored information for cancer patients, by means of more than 36 info points in hospitals, a celebrated website and many free publications. She is also a member of the National Observatory on Disparities in Cancer Treatments, which publishes a yearly "Report on the state of welfare and cancer care in Italy" (8th ed. 2016).

Elisabetta has been a founder and Secretary of Insieme contro il cancro, a non-profit foundation gathering for the first time in a country, both patients and medical oncologists in the aim to promote prevention, and to support the best cancer patient protection. She cooperated also with the Italian Ministry of Health, e.g. within the Alliance Against Cancer Network Steering Committee and, as a stakeholders' representative, she contributed to the drafting, by the Ministry of Welfare, of relevant laws stating e.g. the right for employees with cancer or their family members to switch from full time to part time positions, as well as reverse according to their treatment needs and handicap.

In the past, Elisabetta has been a board member and Secretary of ECPC and a member of the ECL Working Group on Cancer Patients' Rights.

Wendy Doyle



Wendy is an experienced lawyer with over 10 years experience in litigation, business law and other corporate matters. She holds a number of qualifications, including a Masters in European Law with a specialization in Human Rights Law, pensions law, employment law, commercial law and intellectual property law.

Prior to setting up her practice as a sole practitioner, Wendy worked for a top law firm in Ireland, William Fry Solicitors and also set up her own legal division in Deloitte. The company specializes in all areas of law with a particular focus on litigation and business law.

Wendy has previously volunteered in the Free Legal advice Centre and written a number of articles for various legal publications. She has also tutored on the Law Society of Ireland Professional Practice Courses.

Wendy has also been admitted to practice in England and Wales.

Carla Barbosa


Carla Barbosa is lawyer at LBR&M office where she devoted 75% of her practice to the health sector, as a life sciences lawyer, namely advising several entities, in areas such as regulation (prices and reimbursement regulation, medicine legal framework, marketing authorization procedures, promotion activities, clinical trials), commercial policies, litigation and arbitration. She's a lawyer at Liga Portuguesa Contra o Cancro (Portuguese Ligue Against Cancer).

Carla is an invited Professor at several post-graduate, masters and PhD courses - invited lecturer of the Biomedical Law Institute (Law Faculty of the University of Coimbra); Economics Faculty of the University of Coimbra; Medicine Faculty of the University of Coimbra; Pharmaceutical Faculty of the University of Coimbra; Medicine and Law Faculty of Lisbon University; Catholique University - Lisbon; etc. She is a frequent speaker at several conferences in Portugal and abroad (Spain, France, Belgium, Nederland, Angola, Israel, Brazil, etc.); She has participated in several research projects in Portugal and abroad.

Carla is a researcher at the Biomedical Law Center - Coimbra Law Faculty; a member of ARSCentro Ethics Committee; and a member of the Editorial Board of Lex Medicinae – Portuguese Journal of Health Law; etc. Her research focuses on Medical Law and Pharmaceutical Law.

Suncana Roksandic Vidlicka

Firefly – Organization for helping children and families facing malignant diseases
Croatia Sunčana Roksandić Vidlička is an assistant professor at the Department of Criminal Law, Faculty of law, University of Zagreb since January 2016 (senior assistant lecturer since 2015, assistant lecturer from 2009-2015, research assistant (2007-2009). She was a research assistant at the same Department from 2007 on the project "Croatian Medical Law and European Standards". After graduation from the same Faculty, she worked as a legal adviser to Croatian Medical Chamber and as a lawyer in a law firm Bogdnović Dolički in cooperation with Lovells, dealing mostly with business law. She passed Croatian bar exam.

She teaches Criminal law, Medical Law, Bioethics and Human Rights, Economic Criminal Law, EU Substantive Criminal Law and Protections of Victims at the Faculty of Law, University of Zagreb, as well as Economic Criminal law at the Doctoral studies in Criminal Law, Faculty of Law and Medical ethics at the Medical School, University of Zagreb. She is Head of the Croatian Unit of the International Network of the UNESCO Chairs in Bioethics since 2012.

Currently, she acts as a representative in the UNODC Anti-Corruption Academic Expert Group and was Croatian representative in the US International Leadership Programme: Women Preventing Violent Extremism. She has also participated in domestic and international projects, including Working Groups of the Ministry of Justice. She is also serving as a President of the Working Group for regulation of the rights of the patients to informed consent in health care, appointed by the Ministry of Health.

She has published extensively, domestically and abroad, and presented at domestic and international conferences. She organized national and international workshops and seminars.



Françoise Meunier
Associate Member

Federation of European Academies of Medicine and Fellow of the Royal Belgian Academy of Medicine (ARMB)

Françoise Meunier received her medical degree from the Université Libre de Bruxelles (ULB) (magna cum laude) and completed a research fellowship at Memorial Sloan- Kettering Cancer Center (New York, 1977-1978, Fulbright award). She holds a Master’s Degree in Medical Oncology (1976) and Internal Medicine (1979), and a PhD (1985) at the ULB. She is certified as a Pharmaceutical Medicine specialist (Faculty of Pharmaceutical Medicine, UK) as well as in Belgium and she is a Fellow of the Royal College of Physicians (UK).
Françoise Meunier served as EORTC Director General from 1991 through 2015 and oversaw the growth of the EORTC into an international world-class cancer clinical research infrastructure. Upon stepping down as Director General in 2015, Françoise remains active as EORTC Director Special Projects where she is a driving force behind activities such as EORTC cancer survivorship initiatives. She also lends her valuable experience to fundraising projects and sits on the board of the EORTC Cancer Research Fund.
Prior to joining the EORTC in 1991, Françoise Meunier was Head of Infectious Diseases Department at Institute Jules Bordet in Brussels, Belgium and her personal area of research included the management of infections in patients with Cancer and mainly Invasive Fungal Infections. She has over 150 peer-reviewed published articles.
Françoise Meunier was awarded the Belgian Laureate “Prix Femmes d’Europe 2004-2005”.
She is a member of the Belgian Royal Academy of Medicine since 2006. In 2007, she was conferred the title of Baroness by His Majesty, The King Albert II of Belgium.
She received in 2009, the Pezcoller Foundation award as a recognition for her contribution to oncology. Since 2011, she is a Fellow of the European Academy of Cancer Sciences.
From 2012 to 2016, she was a member of the IMI (Innovative Medicine Initiative) Scienti c Committee.
In 2013, she received the ECCO Lifetime achievement award. She was awarded a Ben de Pauw Medal for her dedication to Medical Mycology and her contribution to the EORTC Infectious Diseases Group. From 2013 - 2016, she acted as Chair of the Accreditation Council of Oncology in Europe (ACOE).
Since 2014, she is board member of “Centre Scientifique de Monaco”.
Since 2015, she is Vice-President of FEAM (Federation of European Academies of Medicine) and board member of Alliance for Biomedical Research in Europe.
On 3 July 2015, she was admitted to the degree of Doctor of Medical Science (Honoris Causa) by the Queen’s University of Belfast, Northern Ireland, UK.
Since 2017, she is a member of the Scientific Panel for Health (SPH) of the European Commission.



Wim Geluykens
Associate Member

Kom op tegen Kanker (Stand up to Cancer) - Organisation defending the rights of cancer patients in Belgium

Wim Geluykens is a legal researcher for Kom op tegen Kanker (Stand up to Cancer) in Belgium. Kom op tegen Kanker is a non-governmental organisation that defends the right of cancer patients to benefit from the best treatment and care as well as the right of people to have a vital and healthy environment. This is achieved by a four-pronged approach: psychosocial care, research, information and prevention, and lobbying. Kom op tegen Kanker is intensely committed to these activities in order to avoid cancer developing, to attenuate the disease and, as an end goal, to combat it on all fronts.

Wim works on collective and individual advocacy of cancer patients’ rights. He focuses on the reintegration of (former) cancer patients and deals with the legal side of topics such as return to work and insurance & cancer.

He studied law at the University of Antwerp (Belgium), as well as at the University of Uppsala (Sweden) as part of the Erasmus programme. He also achieved an advanced master’s degree in European criminology and criminal justice systems at the University of Ghent (Belgium).

Previously he worked as a lawyer for six years, dealing with social law, criminal law, refugee law and family law i.a.

As a legal researcher at the research department of Kom op tegen Kanker Wim gives individual advice to (former) cancer patients and advocates recommendations on more structural issues. He recently wrote reports on the protection of the rights of asbestos victims and the challenges for young cancer patients regarding study, work and benefits.


How to Join the LNCP?


If you would like to nominate a lawyer to be part of the LNCP, please send an email to, including: